good news, exciting and otherwise...

Kimo Muraki of Tiny Messengers is currently writing/recording and releasing NEW HOME DEMOS in preparation for the next Tiny Messengers album.

Listen to the "Less Than Human Demos" HERE!

More song demos will be released all summer so stay tuned!


The second EP from TINY MESSENGERS is now in the digital æther!!!

Download the "AURORA EP" here:

~vinyl release TBA~


Keep an ear open for Kimo Muraki's work on current and future releases with artists such as:

Chef'Special on their US Atlantic Records release featuring "In Your Arms" - Muraki recorded backing vocals and horns

Phillip Phillips upcoming Interscope release TBA featuring Muraki on backing vocals

On September 9th, 2014, the debut album "Dream Your Life Away" from Vance Joy (Atlantic Records) became available in the U.S. featuring Tiny Messengers own Kimo Muraki singing backing vocals and having composed, arranged, and performed the horns for the entire album! Horn credits include the sax, trumpet, coronet, baritone, mellophone, trombone, and flute!

Kimo Muraki of Tiny Messengers is very excited to announce his contribution to the 2014 Juno Award Winning Album "We Still Move on Dance Floorsby The Strumbellas from Toronto, Canada.

Earlier last year Muraki also completed studio work with Ewert and the Two Dragons from Estonia whose release hit U.S. shelves winter 2014 on Sire/Warner Bros. Records. 

Muraki's work with the artists above includes:

  • The Strumbellas: trumpet, coronet, sax, banjo, backing vocals
  • Vance Joy: backing vocals, trumpet, coronet, sax, trombone, mellophone, baritone, flute
  • Ewert and the Two Dragons: trumpet, coronet, sax, mellophone, flute